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Human activity in the coastal landscape will cause change. This can be both intentionally and unintentionally. Activities cause a change in the transfer or energy and sediment within the system. This then affects the coastal landscape. There are many ways that humans deliberately affect change in coastal landscape systems. Most often humans affect the coast by attempting to protect it from the natural processes that influence it. Hard engineering techniques such as the construction of sea walls, groynes, rip rap and gabions are the most common form. More environmentally friendly approaches, known as soft engineering, such as beach nourishment, are increasingly used.

Hornsea Case Study

the management strategy being implemented and the reason for its implementation

intentional impacts on processes and flows of material and/or energy through the coastal system, such as their effect on the sediment budget

effect of these impacts in changing coastal landforms, such as changes in beach profile

consequence of these changes on the landscape, such as extension of the coastal landscape seawards

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