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Flood Management

Basin management

Hard engineering

Overview of hard engineering techniques on The British Geographer Website

Case studies:


Three Gorges Dam – BBC Article / in-depth report

River Straightening Case Studies:

Mississippi River – BBC Class Clips

Channelisation Case Studies:

Case Studies:


Mississippi River – BBC Class Clips

Carlisle – Environmental Agency Overview / Flood Management Plan Options following the 2005 flood / p59/61 Oxford AQA AS Textbook

Soft engineering

Overview of soft engineering techniques on The British Geographer Website

Warning and forecasting

Case Studies / Further Reading

Flood Management at Carlisle in Cumbria (Oxford AQA Geography – p59-61 / Nelson Thorne – AQA Geography – p38-41)

Hard Engineering – River Yangtze – AQA Revision Book – Yangtze (Three Gorges Dam) – p18

Soft Engineering – Abingdon – AQA Revision Book – Abingdon (Three Gorges Dam) – p19

Managing the River Tees



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Drainage basin hydrological cycle

Find out about the characteristics of the drainage basing hydrological cycle.

Storm Hydrograph

Hydrographs can be used to illustrate discharge. These can be used to show annual discharge patters of flow in relation to climate.

The long profile of a river

The long profile of a river shows changes in the height (altitude) of the course of a river from its source to its mouth.

Water Balance

The balance between inputs and outputs is known as the water balance or budget.  The water…

Erosion, transportation and deposition

There are three main types of processes that occur in a river. These are erosion, transportation and deposition.

Changing channel characteristics

The characteristics of a river channel change along its long profile. Changes occur in the cross profile, wetted…

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